55510 Trodat Professional Number Stamp

Number Digits:10

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The stamp has a beautiful and elegant appearance, and the design is novel, the effect of the stamp is clear, and the ink is even.

The outer shell of the stamp is strong, not easy to damage, comfortable to handle, easy to use, and long lasting.

It can be stamped more than 100,000 times. If the ink is dry, the stamp pad can be easy replaced or filled with ink multiple times. Ink is an environmentally friendly ink.

The replacement stamp pad is: 6/56, 6/4420

Choose one of 9 ink colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange, Brown, pink, and dry (no ink), the preset ink can only be used on plain paper, not on glossy paper and other materials, if needed For other materials, please buy dry (no ink), then contact us to buy other special inks.

Number 10 Digits

Character Size : No. 2 , 3/16"

Color  :   Black      Blue       Red        Dry

Item# :   132507  132509  132508  132510

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