4913 DIY 5 Line Self-Inking Stamp

Max. Text plate size:7/8"x 2-3/8"

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4913 DIY 5 Line Self-Inking Stamp

Max.text plate size: 7/8"x 2-3/8"

It comes with 2 full alphabet letter sets and tweezers.

Diy stamp. Customize your own message.

Crystal clear positioning window for perfect alignment.

The replacement stamp pad is: 6/4913

Choose one of 9 ink colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange, Brown, pink, and dry (no ink), the preset ink can only be used on plain paper, not on glossy paper and other materials, if needed For other materials, please buy dry (no ink), then contact us to buy other special inks.

Color  :   Black      Blue       Red        Dry

Item# :   43072     43180   43181    44451

Up to 5 Lines of Text

Max Text Plate Size : 7/8"x 2-3/8"

1 Letter Set 6003 [Character Size 3mm,1/8"]

1 Letter Set 6004 [Character Size 4mm,5/32"]

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