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XL-305 Custom Loyalty Card Pre-inked Stamps

Max. Text plate size:7/16" Diameter

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We use high-quality materials, feel comfortable, beautiful appearance, novel design, long service life,The ink is environmentally friendly ink.

  The stamping effect is excellent in workmanship, smooth and stable, and the core materials such as ink pad are imported from Japan. The ink seal has the advantage of being incomparable with other seals. The perfect product can still be used under extreme conditions. Ensure the stability of the printy,

  The company's products have undergone rigorous stamping tests and passed high temperature, low temperature, continuous stamping, and drop tests have reached our standards.

Choose one of 4 ink colors: Red, Black, Blue and dry (no ink), the preset ink can only be used on plain paper, not on glossy paper and other materials, if needed For other materials, please buy dry (no ink), then contact us to buy other special inks.

Custom text up to one  line or one logo.The font size cannot be less than 9 pt

Max.text plate 7/16"

Color  :   Black      Blue        Red        

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