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By using Trodat replacement ink cartridges, you can make sure that your stamp constantly delivers clean, uniform imprints. Both the ink cartridge's material and its ink have been perfected during years of research. That's why a Trodat imprint works in polar cold as well as it does in a tropical rain forest.The standard range of Trodat stamp inks (black, blue, red, green and violet) is indelible in accordance with DIN ISO 14145-2 and therefore ensures perfect imprint quality.

In addition, the ink colour black fulfils crucial permanence and durability properties according to the DIN ISO 11798 Archivability Standard such as colour intensity (optical density) and appearance of the typefaces, lightfastness, water resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and influence of the printed lettering on paper strength.​

6/511 Ink pad Replacement Trodat 5211,54110,54510

Color  :   Black     Blue      Red       Violet     Green    Dry

Item# :   35113   35116   35112   35110    35111    35115

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