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JYP Technical Inc. was established in 2009, mainly to provide customers with a variety of different printing products and services:

For example: business cards, postcards, tags, labels, stickers, booklets, books, catalogs, menus, flyers, carbonless forms, invitations, tickets, coupons, membership cards, VIP cards, smart cards, calendars, posters, banners, advertising flags, sign boards, signs, real estate signs, housing assignment signs.....

In terms of items for advertisement, we print T-SHIRTS (Gildan, Polo), advertising pens; calendars; notebooks; advertising mouse pads; bags; chopsticks sets; backpacks, paper cups, paper boxes, metal boxes, etc...

We also design and customize a variety of stamps & seals.Our Stamps & seals have legible imprints and durable designs. Our pre-inked stamps, which utilize the latest technology, can be used up to ten thousand times. When the ink is dried up, the pre-inked stamps can simply be reused by refilling four to five drops of the specialty ink.

In addition, we have seal production materials and supplies, ink, ink pads, numberers and daters, automatic numberers, embossing seals, standard or customized stamps for companies and individuals, notary seals, signatures stamps, mark stamps, pincers seals, desktop seals, and etc.

We also supply ink & cartridges for branded printers, copy paper, colored paper, computer paper, carbonless paper, vellum translucent paper, foil paper, transparency roll films, standard envelopes, bubble mailers, poly mailers, cashier thermal paper, timecards, count cards and count forms for factories, restaurant's guest check, etc. ......

JYP Technical Inc. provides a transaction platform for machinery purchase or transfer. We provide services for equipment ordering, installation, maintenance and other training services. Custom-made tools, molds, bronzing stamping and various mechanical parts can also be ordered.

We appreciate your interests in our company and we are looking forward to work with you soon!

Any inquires please contact our company by e-mail or phone.


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