Trodat 5440 # Professional Date Stamp with Custom Text 2 color

Trodat 5440 # Professional Date Stamp with Custom Text 2 color
Trodat 5440 # Professional Date Stamp with Custom Text 2 color
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  •  Chapter surface Maximum size : Diameter :1"x 1-5/8"
  •  Date Size : No 1-1/2,5/32".
  •  Trodat 5440 # Rubber Self-inking Date Stamp , built-in two colors of ink stamp pad
  •  There are five ink colors ( black, blue, red , green, purple ) , you can choose two of the them. One for the text, one for the date.
  •  The custom texts are above and below the date.
  •  Up to 4 lines of text.
  •  Please remember to tell us the color of ink, the color of date, and the color of text.
  •  Please remember to tell us the text content that below and above the date.
  • • The maximum date is to 2023.
  •  Seal can be reused, seal face can be customized : signature , return address , bank endorsement , Paid, Return Receipt etc.
  •  The ink pad can be replaced easily.
  •  Processing custom stamp need one business day.
  •  The size of the letters can not be smaller than 10 point font.
  •  The Lines of letter can not be lower than 0.5 mm.
  •  The letter or symbol size can not be smaller than 2.5mm × 2.5mm.
  •  The letters or symbols distance not less than 0.5mm.
  •  Color can not be overlapped and mixed .
  •  The stamp content can not be very complex. If you design can not be processed, we will adjust it and inform you by email .
  •  The built-in stamp pad can be used over 50,000 times
  •  The outlook design is beautiful and durable. Use a rubber surface , oil-proof , undeformed. It is suitable for bank, accounting and contracts.
  • The order will be shipped out after the stamp design file confirm 2 days

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